Minutes of the meetings of the International Committee of IOI held in Tampere Hall, Tampere from 27 January to 31 January 2001

Present: Zide Du (Chairman)

Antonio Caleco (Portugal 1998)

Gokturk Ucoluk (Turkey 1999)

Jari Koivisto (Finland 2001)

Ha-Jine Kimn (Korea 2002)

Donald Piele (USA 2003)

Richard Forster (Great Britain) – Elected member (1999/2000/2001)

Vladimir Kiryukhin (Russia)- Elected member (2000/2001/2002)

Krassimir Manev (Bulgaria) – Elected member (2001/2002/2003)

Lionel Hartmann ( Executive Director of IOI)

By invitation: Tom Verhoeff, Chairman of the ISC

Observers: Jyrrki Nummenmaa, Saara Kudjoi, Nina Pukkila and other members of the Organising Committee

  1. Welcome.
  2. The Chairman welcomed all members of IC to this meeting, especially Krassimir Manev who was attending for the first time. He also welcomed members of the host team from Finland and looked forward to their presentations.

  3. Apologies.
  4. Apologies for absence from the meeting were received from Spyros Bakoyiannis (Greece 2004)

  5. Confirmation of the previous meetings
  6. The minutes of the meetings held in Beijing, China from 25 – 27 September 2000 were confirmed as true and correct. The minutes were accepted unanimously.

  7. Matters arising from the minutes
    1. Lionel Hartmann tabled a written report received from Stanislaw Waligorski. It was agreed that the research findings to date be released and be made available on the website of the IOI archives. Lionel to advise Stanislaw. ACTION: Lionel
    2. Cession of intellectual property rights. Lionel Hartmann advised that he had sent a copy of the proposal through to the hosts of IOI 2001. After discussion it was agreed that further reaearch would be carried out. The issue of the ownership rights of the problems was important. It was agreed that these vested in the organising committee of each IOI and that some mechanism be found to transfer these to IOI. ACTION: Lionel
    3. Gokturk Ucoluk tabled a proposal outlining a classification of the various types of participants at IOI. After discussion and various amendments it was agreed that this document be included in the appendices in the Rules and Regulations. To be approved by GA in Tampere. ACTION: Lionel
    4. Richard Forster advised the Committee that due to a misunderstanding he had still to finalise one part of the amended clause. He would forward the proposed amendment to the ED for distribution before IOI 2001. ACTION: Richard
    5. Lionel Hartmann tabled a proposal setting out the procedures for the nomination and election of members of IC. After discussion the voting procedure and process to be followed was approved. (Amended document attached).This decision to be conveyed to members of GA and approval obtained before IOI 2001. ACTION: Lionel

  8. Report by the Chairman of IC

The Chairman outlined some of the recent progress made by IOI. He particularly referred to:

Looking to the future he identified the promotion and marketing of IOI on a greater scale, as important. A need existed for marketing material and brochures to be produced.

6.0 Report by the Executive Director

6.1 The Executive Director tabled a report outlining activities for the first three months

of his term of office. Included in the report was a financial statement reflecting a credit balance

of $9757,60 as at 31 December 2000. It was agreed that all figures would in future be quoted in

US dollars. The ED also confirmed that audited figures would be tabled at IOI 2001.

    1. The ED also tabled a proposal outlining the recommended process for the payment and collection of the registration fees for 2001. It was agreed that waivers and reductions would be considered on the basis of the classifications of the World Bank. Requests for such relief would go directly to the Chairman of IC. The various options were considered and it was agreed that the Organising Committee would send out appropriate notices to all participating countries. It was also agreed that the ED would include these matters in a communication after this IC meeting.
    2. ACTION: Jari/Lionel

    3. No fundraising plan was ready yet and this matter would be tackled in the next quarter. Discussion took place on this matter and the ED confirmed that all IC members and others who had indicated an interest in making an input, would be canvassed and involved. It was hoped that a formal proposal will be ready for consideration at IOI 2001. It was agreed that the ED register a Web domain. ACTION:Lionel

  1. Report by current hosts.
  2. The Organising Committee took members of IC through their plans for IOI. During the period of these meetings IC were shown all facilities to be used and planned excursions. IC Members were given a detailed project plan and all presenters took members through this document in greater detail. The following presentations were made to members of IC:

    Jari Koivisto introduced the presentations, covering the organisation structure and the sponsorships and support received. He also tabled an Expenditure Budget totalling FM 4383000. Major issue still outstanding was the basis on which the computers for the competition were to be acquired. The City of Tampere was the most likely purchaser.

    Tiina Aalto took members through her project plan, with more detail on the organisational structure.

    Nina Pukkila, Chairman of the programme committee, outlined the proposed programme for the period of IOI.

    Saara Kudjoi, Chairman of the Guides programme, explained the procedures to be followed in selecting and training the guides for IOI 2001.

    Ari Sarjanen, Local Deputy Police Chief outlined the procedures to be followed by his team to ensure a trouble free IOI. He anticipated no problems.

    Jyrki Nummenmaa, Chairman of the Scientific Committee briefed members on progress to date. 10 Tasks were under discussion and more work would be done to ensure that a set of tasks at the standard demanded by IOI would be ready. He proposed changes to the current rules which were outdated and did not describe the procedures being followed. The changes to clause 7.11 and 7.12 as proposed were approved by IC and would be circulated to members of GA, for final approval at IOI 2001. Jyrki agreed to E-mail the edited versions of these changes to the ED. ACTION: Jari

    The changes would also be included in the Rules for discussion with team leaders at the first meeting of GA.

    Jyrki agreed that he would include a page on FAQ on the website ACTION: Jari

    Members of IC were also shown all the facilities at Tampere Hall which would be used during IOI. The facilities met all the requirements of IC except that the organising committee were asked to ensure that the room allocated for the two competition days would be big enough. ACTION: Jari

  3. Report by Future hosts
    1. Korea (2002). Dr Ha-Jine Kimn presented his report for IOI 2002. Ha - Jine advised that plans were going well. Fundraising is a problem (Estimated $1million required) and he and his team would be hard at work to secure funding in the short term. The office of the organising committee will be moved to the Korean Science and Technology Building in Seoul, but all contact addresses would remain unchanged. The Scientific Committee would be no problem and would work closely with the ISC. The Chairman of SC would attend the meeting of ISC in Tampere in May. Computers for the competition would be rented. IC meeting would take place in February 2002.
    2. Dr Donald Piele presented the plans of USA for IOI 2003. He took members through a digital presentation showing the campus and its facilities. Some very innovative, interesting events and activities were being planned.
    3. In the absence of Spyros Bakoyiannis no plans for IOI 2004 were presented.

  1. Future candidate hosts.

9.1At this stage there were two potential future host countries for IOI 2005 (Croatia and Poland).

Lionel tabled a proposal setting up a process and procedure for the election of one of these countries. It was agreed that candidate host countries would be asked to submit to IC a brief (not more than 2 x A4 pages) motivation as to why they should be the hosts. The motivation to indicate the availability of Financial and Human resources and their ability to cope with other critical issues and the risks associated with the hosting of an IOI. IC will make the decision and advise GA.


9.2 A letter of intent to host IOI 2006 was received from the UK. Richard Forster advised that a

more formal proposal would be tabled in due course. ACTION: Richard

10.0 Report by ISC

Tom Verhoeff (Chairman of ISC) presented a verbal report of the activities of the ISC. He indicated that a Final report had not yet been received from China. ACTION: Zide

He highlighted some of the major issues that were confronted during the ISC and review meetings held in the run up to IOI 2000. Some issues were resolved and some were still outstanding. He specifically requested input from members of IC on the "floating point" issue. ACTION: All

The ISC review meeting for IOI 2001 was scheduled for 7 to 11 May 2001. In addition he would be remaining on in Tampere for a few days after the IC meeting to work with the SC.

  1. General

11.0 IC, with the agreement of the host country, approved the participation of Norway and Mauritius at this

years IOI. Gokturk asked that his negative vote on this issue be recorded. Invitations would be extended

to these countries by the Organising committee of IOI 2001. ACTION: Jari

11.2 Participation by India. There were two separate groups wishing to attend IOI as observers and it was agreed

that the ED would attempt to resolve this problem by getting the two parties to resolve the situation in line

with the requirements as laid down in the Rules. ACTION: Lionel

11.3 IC approved a separate competition being sponsored by Nokia and which formed part of a sponsorship

agreement with IOI 2001. This was a once off arrangement and held no implications for future IOI’s.

    1. A request by Leopold Parts for a waiver of rule S2.6 to enable him to participate in IOI 2001 was declined.

The ED would convey this decision to him. ACTION: Lionel

    1. It was agreed that members of GA would be asked to give at least 24 hours notice of any proposals they
    2. wish to make during IOI. This to be conveyed by the ED and to be announced at the first meeting of GA.

      ACTION: Lionel

    3. It was agreed that the awarding of the IFIP trophy as part of the Awards Ceremony detracted from the occasion. Members of IC felt strongly that IFIP was receiving a great deal of visibility at virtually no cost and the Executive Director was instructed to enter into negotiations for a financial contribution by IFIP in recognition of the benefit received through its association with IOI. It was felt that the amount required would have to be in line with that anticipated from International sponsors.
    4. It was agreed that the current Rules and Regulations were very out of date and not in line with current accepted practice. A Task team consisting of Richard Forster (Chairman),Krassimir Manev, Jyrki Nummenmaa and the Executive Director would look at the situation and prepare a proposal for consideration. ACTION: RF/KM/JN/LH

12.0 Closure

The Chairman thanked members of IC for their positive contributions during the meetings. A special

Vote of thanks went to the Organising Committee of IOI 2001 for their presentations and the way they had handled the visit of the IC. The Chairman wished them well with all their work between now and IOI.

The Chairman confirmed that the next meetings of IC would take place during IOI in Tampere from 14 July to 20 July 2001.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed.