Minutes of IC meetings held at the University of Wisconsin Parkside, Kenosha, Wisconsin between 16 and 23 August 2003


In attendance

Ha-Jine Kimn (Korea) - Chairman

Zide Du (China ) - Chairman IOI 2000

Jari Koivisto - Chairman IOI 2001

Donald Piele (United States) - Chairman IOI 2003 

 Krzysztof Diks (Poland) – Chairman IOI 2005

Arturo Cepeda – Chairman IOI 2006

Krassimir Manev (Bulgaria) – Elected Member2001/2002/2003

Mario Cruz  (Colombia) – Elected member 2002/2003/2004 

Yasser Abdel Ghany – Elected member 2003/2004/2005


Lionel Hartmann - Executive Director


1.0               The Chairman welcomed members of IC to the meeting. Special welcome was extended to Yasser Abdel Ghany who could not attend in March because of Visa problems.

The Chairman also welcomed 4 observers from Greece and 1 from Mexico who were in attendance during the presentations for their Olympiads. Tom Verhoeff, Chairman of ISC was also in attendance at various times during the week.

2.0               Apologies

No apologies were due as all members of IC were present.

3.0               Minutes of the meetings held in Wisconsin from 16 to 23 March 2003 having been circulated, they were confirmed and approved as true and correct, subject to the following changes being recorded:

3.1               Yasser Abdel Ghany was not able to attend the IC meeting in March as he experienced difficulties in obtaining a visa.

3.2               The correct designation of countries (item 3.5) were Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, China and Macau, China

3.3               Replace the word “finalized” in item 8.4 with the word “initialized”

4.0       Matters arising from the minutes

4.1      Discussion took place regarding the nominations received for the Recognition Awards for this year. It was agreed that the same criteria applied last year would be used. After discussion it was agreed that the following individuals would be recognized for this year:

Ries Kock, Netherlands

Hakan Stromberg, Sweden and

Vladimir Kiryukhin, Russian Federation

It was agreed that these nominations would be kept secret until the Awards Ceremony.

4.2      Lionel confirmed that the document i.r.o. age and schooling limitations approved at the March meeting had been prepared and sent to Don Piele for implementation. This was done and Team leaders signed the document on registration.

4.3      Jari Koivisto introduced the discussion on the establishment of the International Technical committee. It was agreed that it would be referred to as the IOI Technical working group. Several meetings took place during the week and a proposal arising out of these meetings was tabled by Tom Verhoeff and accepted by IC. In terms of this proposal this working group would form part of the ISC, but with a Chairman specifically identified for expertise in the Technical field. IC approved the nomination of Jyrki Nummenmaa for this position. The amendments to the Rules and Regulations to give effect to this decision were drafted by Richard Forster and approved by IC (and GA).

4.4      Lionel Hartmann reported that there had been no further progress regarding the IOI  

        publication. The matter was in the hands of the individual who wished to take this on and   

        further discussions would take place when he was ready with a firm proposal

5.0       Chairman’s Report

Chairman Ha-Jine Kimn delivered his report and highlighted some key issues. These included the selection of a new Executive Director, the drafting of the rules to give effect to this, and the waiver of Registration fees from two countries.

6.0        Report by the Executive Director

6.1   ED Lionel tabled his activity report for the period up to 30 June 2003, which covered all the

activities of the office.  The report had been circulated in advance and was approved.

6.2     The Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2003 were tabled. These were noted and approved by IC. As at 30 June 2003 there was a total cash balance of $21129.91

6.3   Audited Statements of the accounts of IOI for the year ended 30 June 2003 were tabled, and after approval by IC, were signed by the Chairman of IC and the Executive Director.

6.4   IC approved a total amount of US$360 for the year to 30 June 2003 as a contribution towards the administration expenses for the Office of the Executive Director.

6.5   The registration fee for 2004 was fixed at $300,00. ED Lionel appealed for greater flexibilty in approving waivers. He felt that the Registration fee was not intended to discourage participation in IOI. It was agreed that the Chairman of IC would show greater flexibility in approving waivers or reductions in the registration fee. ED Lionel will investigate the basis on which the United Nations determines its fees. These would be available for use as additional guidelines by the Chairman of IC.                                                                                                                    Action LH

7.0       Fundraising

7.1 ED Lionel drew attention to the Fundraising report included in his ED report. Fundraising had

      become very difficult and the current climate made it even more difficult. He would continue

       to explore all avenues.

7.2  Don Piele reported on progress with the website.

7.3 ED Lionel reported that future progress would see him concentrating on getting the BOP set

      up.  Attempts would also be made to solicit support for the two new categories of support as     

      approved by IC in March 2003.He also reported on a proposed meeting with Microsoft. This

      meeting had been requested by Microsoft and future involvement and support would be


8.0        Amendments to Rules and Regulations

            Lionel Hartmann advised that the amendments approved at IC in March were tabled at GA this

             year and approved. He thanked Richard Forster for his continued activity in this area.

9.0       Report by future hosts

9.1      Don Piele was not able to present a detailed report as the activities of IOI took up a

        considerable amount of his time. The arrangements for IOI 2003 were highly successful and  

        everything ran very smoothly and efficiently.

9.2       Spyros Bakoyiannis  assisted by 4 observers presented a very detailed report and audio visual presentation on the plans for IOI 2004. The dates would be either 4 to 11 September  or 11 to 18 September 2004. The venue would be the Media Village at the Olympic Games 2004. It was agreed that a final date would be communicated within a month of this IOI.

The IOC had given approval to the use of the word “Olympiad” for IOI 2004.Plans were based on 85 countries participating. Key functions were outsourced and representatives of the appointed Travel Agency and Media company made inputs to the meeting. The website for IOI 2004 will shortly be available at www.ioi2004.org.

9.3      Krzysztof Diks delivered a report on the plans for IOI 2005 in Poland. The proposed dates are 20 to 27 August 2005 in Nowy Sacs. Leaders and teams would ideally fly in to Krakow and be bussed from there. Excursions could include a visit to a salt mine and rafting on the Dumajec river.

9.4      Arturo Cepeda – Chairman of IOI 2006 in Mexico and an observer delivered a power point presentation outlining their plans. A proposed logo was presented. At this stage plans were progressing well. US$40000 in sponsorship had already been secured. All hotels and facilities as well as the hardware for the Olympiad had been secured. As a build up to IOI a Regional Olympiad is being investigated to take place in 2006 to encourage greater participation. The goal for IOI 2006 is 100 countries.

Website for the Olympiad - www.ioi2006.org.mx

10.0Potential future hosts.

ED reported that formal proposals had been received from Croatia and Egypt. Representatives of both potential hosts were asked to make presentations to IC. Ivo Separovic of Croatia and Yasser Abdel Ghany presented their bids to IC. In the interests of unity and IOI, Egypt decided to withdraw their proposal to host IOI 2007 and gave notice of their intention to bid for the year 2008.

11.0Report of ISC .

             Tom Verhoeff delivered a brief verbal report on the activities of the ISC. He drew attention to

             the unfortunate decision by the hosts for IOI 2003 to cancel the Review meeting scheduled for

             May 2003. This had come at short notice and had caused unhappiness within the committee.   

              Members of IC expressed their dismay at this action and unanimously agreed that the Rules

             and Regulations of IOI be amended to   ensure that no meetings of approved committees of IOI

             may be cancelled or postponed without the approval of the International Committee. The ED was   

             instructed to get the necessary amendment prepared and approved by IC.                         ACTION LH.

12.0      General

             12.1 Chairman Ha-Jine welcomed Dr Wolfgang Pohl as the newly elected member of IC.

        He also welcomed Ivo Separovic of Croatia who joins IC as a future host. He expressed his

        sincere thanks to Krassimir Manev thanks to and Zide Du for their contribution to IOI.

12.2 Candidates Kim Schrijvers and Lionel Hartmann were interviewed by IC for the position of 

        Executive Director. After discussion and a vote Chairman Ha-Jine Kimn announced that Lionel 

        Hartmann had been re-appointed as the ED for IOI for a further 3 years. The voting was 6-

        4 in favour of Lionel Hartmann. ED Lionel thanked members for their support and

        promised to continue to deliver service to the best of his ability to IOI. He also indicated

        that he would meet with Kim Schrijvers to find ways of working together in the best

        interests of IOI.

        A contract confirming the salient details of the appointment was prepared and concluded

        between the Chairman of IC and the ED.

12.3 Krassimir Manev outlined the position in respect of individuals who attended IOI as

        representatives of their Governments and were therefore not Observers or Guests in the

        true sense of the word. After discussion it was agreed that a position of “Associate

        leader” would be created to make provision for this situation. The Rules and Regulations

        were to be amended for approval.                                                                          Action LH

12.4 Jari Koivisto reported on an IFIP meeting held in May 2003 where it was proposed that  

        a gold medal be presented to a deserving contestant at IOI. IC agreed that the medal

        was not to be awarded to the top contestant as it would detract from the climax of the

        presentation. It was agreed that it would be presented to the most outstanding young

        contestant. It was too late to make a presentation this year.                                     Action JK

12.5 Yasser Ghany gave notice that a proposal for an African Open Olympiad would be

        submitted in due course. Donald Cook (South Africa) would be working on it and

        funding would be requested from IOI.                                                                     Action YG

13.0      Dates of next IC meetings  

            It was agreed that the next IC meetings would take place in Athens, Greece in March 2004

             Final dates would be advised shortly.       

14.0            Closure

The Chairman thanked all members for their contribution to the meetings and officially handed 

over Chairmanship of the International Committee to Don Piele.

There being no further business the meetings of IC was declared closed.




Lionel Hartmann - Executive Director