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coci Croatian Open Competition in Informatics
(letter from the project manager) COCI 2016/2017
Internet online contest series

December 28, 2016

The fifth contest will be held on Saturday, 21st January 2017, starting at 14:00 (GMT/UTC). Check out your local times at

Each contest will be three hours long and will feature six tasks. The tasks will be of widely varying difficulty; we hope that many beginner or up-and-coming contestants will participate, as well as the more experienced ones.

You may use Python, Pascal, C, C++ or Java as your programming language of choice.

The two relevant websites are: - information about the contest - contest system

We hope that you will join us or encourage your students to do so!

This is the eleventh year in a row that we are hosting the COCI series. You can find the tasks (statements, test data and solutions) from the previous ten years at There are ove 400 original tasks for students to practice on!

Project Manager Kresimir Malnar
Croatian Computer Science Association

IOI2016 competition materials published
December 8, 2016

All IOI2016 competition materials - task descriptions, translations, test data, solutions are available at IOI2016 contest page of the website.

Global community innitiative
November 21, 2016

Keshav Dhandhania with colleagues started a community geared towards school students who are interested in IOI: (Full text of e-mail).

IOI2017 Task Submission Deadline Extended
November 14, 2016

IOI 2017 Host Scientific Committee (HSC) extends the deadline for submitting tasks for the IOI 2017 till December 15, 2016. Please visit for more information.

Michael & Ophelia Lazaridis Olympiad Scholarship
November 03, 2016

University of Waterloo in Canada offer scholarship to IOI and IMO medal winners starting university in the fall of 2017. (Full text of e-mail)

Dates of IOI2017 approved
August 19, 2016

At the last GA of the IOI2016 final decision about dates of the IOI2017 was announced. IOI2017 in Tehran(Iran) will be held from Friday 28th July till Friday 4th August, 2017. Schedule is expected to be similar to IOI2016 schedule.