The 27th International Olympiad in Informatics

flag Almaty, Kazakhstan, July/August 26-2, 2015

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IOI2014 - Statistics
July 19. 2014

Statistics about IOI2014 now are available at IOI Statistics.

Volume 8 of the "Olympiads in Informatics"
July 8, 2014

Volume 8 of the IOI journal "Olympiads in Informatics" is now available.

Concerning IOI Statistics (again)
April 14, 2014

At the IOI statistics page there is already collected a lot of information about previous IOIs. However, also lot of information at the moment is missed like names of contestants without medals, names of team and deputy leaders, guests etc. There is also a possibility to add photos of IOI participants. Some names in the system may be incorrect (especially having diacritical signs and letters not presented in the English alphabet) - please correct them. At the moment the English-like names are allowed (diacritical letters derived from English alphabet are allowed like ā, ä, ł etc.). However there is also a possibility to add an alternate name, which can be in any language you like and this will be searchable in the future. So if you have this situation you can also submit latinized names as well as native ones. You can add all this information by yourselves - the interface for adding or editing information is simple enough - just try it out! However, if you have missed information in any other appropriate form (text file, MS Word document, MS Excel spreadsheet, etc.), just send it to us (the best destination would be Eduard Kalinicenko, and give some days for processing.

If you can fill any of the blanks in the whole IOI history picture, please, do it! At the moment at the country list there is a following colour code for the status of the information: red if no information has been verified as complete; yellow if only information about contestants is complete but leaders are missing or incomplete; and green if everything is OK. We would be glad if the responsible people for their countries will at least provide full information for their own country. It's only 26 years, so it's possible, but the further away we go, the harder it'll be to collect, so let's do it once and for all. In case if you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to ask Eduard Kalinicenko ( or Mārtiņš Opmanis (, you can also meet me in present at IOI 2014.).

Final stage of preparation for IOI2014
April 7, 2014

Preparation for IOI 2014 is now in the final stage. Here are some general information which is also available at the official IOI 2014 website.
IOI 2014 will run from July 13th through 20th.
Registration will open on April 19 and close on May 15.
Most of the IOI contest related activities will take place at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC), including the opening and closing ceremonies, the competition, the GA meetings, and task translations.
IOI 2014 will use two hotels for accommodation. The Grand Hyatt Hotel Taipei will house leaders and guests while the Fullon Hotel ShenKeng will house contestants and volunteers. The IOI 2014 Host Organization Committee has also planned plentiful and tailor made sets of social program and culture trips for contestants, leaders and guests. In particular, contestants will have opportunities to mingle and participate in game competition.

The Official Invitation Letter has been issued to the registered coordinator of each country. Once team delegations are registered, individual invitation letter can be downloaded and printed for Visa application. Any questions regarding registration for IOI 2014 should be directed to

Concerning C++ 11 at IOI2014
December 23, 2013

International Scientific Committee announced that C++11 will be supported at IOI2014.

Concerning Java at IOI2014
December 12, 2013

International Scientific Committee announced that Java will not be official programming language at IOI2014. However, further experiments with Java are planned and according to that experience decision about using Java in IOI 2015 and beyond will be taken.

Michael & Ophelia Lazaridis Olympiad Scholarship
November 5, 2013

University of Waterloo in Canada offer scholarship to IOI and IMO medal winners starting university in the fall of 2014. (Full text of e-mail)