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International Olympiad in Informatics is an international event for talented secondary school students to show their talent and capabilities in information science and technology.

The Scientific Committee of IOI'01 invites authors in the areas of information science and technology for submitting tasks for the competition.

The deadline for the task submission is 31.1.2001. If you intend to send a task submission, we would like you to send a letter of intent by 15.1.2001 saying that you intend to submit a task. (See contact information below.) If you send an early version of your task description, then remember to take care of the confidentiality issues as described with the contact information.


The tasks for the contestants are programming ones and traditionally of algorithmic nature. Tasks of other types, such as those of games, simulation, interactive problems, distributed programming, etc. are also welcome.

Generally, the tasks should be suitable for the IOI'01 competition. This is quite difficult to define precisely. However, you may check information about previous IOIs. In particular, that the task fulfills the following requirement.

Submission contents

Upon submission, the following materials should be included:

  1. The description of the task in English.
  2. The motivation behind the task.
  3. Solution or solutions to the problem. These should preferably include:
    • an outline of the idea
    • a programmed solution in either C/C++ or Pascal
    • a complexity analysis.
  4. A plan for generating the test data.
Also other comments can be included.

By default, the authors of the tasks agree to give up the copyright of the materials s/he submitted to the Scientific Committee of IOI'01. The Scientific Committee preserves the right to accept, adopt, reject and modify the submitted tasks and the relevant materials without further notice.

The authors who contribute to the IOI'01 will be awarded by the Scientific Committee of IOI'01 after the competition in an appropriate form.

Contact Information

The tasks should be submitted to Jyrki Nummenmaa, the head of the scientific committee of IOI'01. There are two ways for submission: electronic mail (recommended) and ordinary mail.

If you wish to use electronic mail, you should use the pgp system to encrypt your submission using Jyrki Nummenmaa's public key and then send the material by electronic mail to

If you wish to submit using ordinary mail (recommended, if you do not encrypt your submission), then the address is:

Jyrki Nummenmaa
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
P.O. Box 607
FIN-33014 University of Tampere

For further information, please contact the head of the Scientific Committee Jyrki Nummenmaa by electronic mail: