Questions for IOI 1997

The official versions of the questions are Word files, but they have also been converted to HTML for easy viewing on the Web. Please note that the HTML versions are unofficial and may contain errors.

HTML files

Day 1:   Question 1  Question 2  Question 3
Day 2:   Question 1  Question 2  Question 3

Word Files

Day 1:   Question 1  Question 2  Question 3
Day 2:   Question 1  Question 2  Question 3


Also available for download are solutions written by the Scientific Committee. They are in zip files, each containing source code, an executable and a brief description of how the program works.

Day 1   Question 1  Question 2  Question 3
Day 2   Question 1  Question 2  Question 3

Library source code

The Game of Hex
Stacking Containers

This source code can't be used to make the libraries for Pascal and Quick Basic without a lot of tweaking and it is here for interest only. If you want to use the libraries, download the compiled libraries below.


Below are the libraries used for The Game of Hex and Stacking Containers.

Note: On some browsers you will need to hold down shift when clicking on these links


Hex: Stack: The .lib files should go in \tc\lib (where tc is the directory that TC is installed in) and the appropriate header file for your language (C or C++) should be put in the same directory as your program.

Note that the names of the libraries are the same for Stack and Hex, so you can only work on one at a time.



These files should be placed in \tp\units, where tp is the directory that Turbo Pascal is installed in.


Hex:   hexlib.lib   hexlib.qlb
Stack:   stacklib.lib   stacklib.qlb   brun45.lib

You will need to put these in your QuickBasic directory, and run QuickBasic as follows: QB /L libname, where libname is hexlib or stacklib.